by husband and wife Speech-Language pathologists. Who better to run a Speech Therapy operation than a Speech Therapist? And that means... An environment that puts the Therapist FIRST! I know what you're thinking..."Therapist first?" Yes, at Speech Therapy Unlimited, we believe that therapy services are only as good as the Therapist providing the service, and to that end, we put you first!

Speech-Language Pathologists (CCC-SLP, CFY)

Yes you're in demand. Demand that you be treated that way! As fellow Speech-Language Pathologists, we understand right where you are. Can we promise no more headaches? Well... no, but we do promise an environment that makes it easier to do what you do best!!! Email us your resume and tell us about you and your practice goals.

Speech-Language Pathologist Assistants

You get all the support you need. No more feeling like a fish out of water! We provide clinical supervision that is unmatched. Need therapy ideas, help managing a schedule, or questions answered? Our clinical supervisors are the best in the business! Email your resume and tells us all about you!


"I feel the company does a great job of allowing therapists to feel appreciated and enjoy the profession we chose to do. I love being a part of a team which focuses on servicing children effectively and allowing you to work in a stress free environment."
A. Thompson, Speech Therapist Assistant, Missouri City, Texas

"She (my supervisor) was always available to answer any questions I had, and communicating with her was great-feedback was helpful."
M.Vue, Speech Therapist Assistant, Houston, Texas

What I liked most about being a part of the Speech Therapy Unlimited Team was, "their support of their therapists."
J.Johnson, Speech Therapist, Sugar Land, Texas

"The most important (like) would have to be the support. I have learned so much from Speech Therapy Unlimited...Great Team!"
K. Bowie, Speech Therapist, Houston, Texas

"I like the family environment and the supportive team."
D. Brown, Speech Therapist, Missouri City, Texas

"Managment Rocks! Down to earth people, it's refreshing."
S. Khan, Speech Therapist Assistant, Sugar Land, Texas

[My supervisor] is "very direct, yet compassionated and supportive. Always goes to great lenghts to give me the support I need. Good sense of humor, [and] integrity that is self evident."
A.Amacker. Speech Therapist Assistant, Richmond, Texas