It is best to make therapy a part of every day life (e.g. watching cartoons, reading a bedtime story, cooking dinner, cutting the grass, etc.). When therapy is taken out of the therapy room, progress happens quicker and therapy makes more sense. So, be a part of therapy, learn the prompting sequences, and the length of sentences that should be used when eliciting a response from your child. You will feel like you're a part of therapy and assist in your child's progress!

Educational Services Include:

Our Licensed Therapists provide Speech-Language Pathology services in the school system including assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Through our staffing contracts with area school districts, our Therapists provide much needed speech and language services. Contact us to find out more about our "Caseload Clean-Up" for students receiving Speech/Language Therapy services in the school setting--we complete testing, IEP creation, IEP meetings, and other compliance related services. Summer compensatory services are also available.

Daycare Services Include:

Are you looking for answers to your parent's questions?

**Does my son sound funny?
**Is my daughter saying enough words?
**Do you think my child's language is delayed?
**Do you know of any therapist that could look at my child?

We provide valuable screening of speech and language development. Our screening process assesses preschooler's speech, receptive language, and expressive language skills. Contact us for more details. We are here to help!

Clinic Services include

Our staffing division allows our therapists to provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and care-giver counseling for patients receiving treatment through in-patient and out-patient rehab facilities. We are right where you need us to be.

Private Therapy Services Include:

Our therapists provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment, home programs, and consultations to meet all of your communication needs. Therapy sessions are conducted one-to-one or in a group to maximize treatment outcomes and best of waiting lists for treatment. Our family of therapists is available to provide services now! Contact us for more details.

Business Services Include:

Everyone speaks with an accent. You may speak English with an accent from a different region in the United States or you may speak with an accent because English is not your first language. In our global economy today, people move and work from state to state and country to country. One thing we take with us, not matter where we are, is our accent. Our accents may affect our communication in business and other communication settings. Accent Modification Workshops are available for individuals or groups seeking to modify or change their accent.